The Merits of Fund-Transfers

Remittance is basically a well developed tool for a person to use to improve their household livelihood. With the volatile movement of currencies and increasing market prices, one may need to transfer funds from a state with much valued currency to another and vie for the high-exchange rates.

In the Philippines, 8 out of 10 Filipino households have at least have one member that works or currently employed outside of the country to provide for their families back home. But what really are the merits of Fund-Transfers? How does it affect the way of living of each person in and outside the household?

Remittances is a tool wherein it improves the well-being conditions of the receiving household based on their need to consume and provide funds for their daily routine. it also increases the stability for the recipient in terms of a healthier and smooth-flowing lifestyles. Remittance also ease-up the financial constraints of the rural and unbanked areas, whereas fund-transfer agents could easily provide financial literacy that will eventually reduce poverty.

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