Do More Than Your Typical Mobile Money App.

Mobile money is a technology that allows people to send a receive money through a mobile application and use the continuously improving mobile internet connection that allow users to utilize the app anywhere they go.

1. It is still Cash-based.

Contrary to what most people first think of mobile money where it clearly revolves around the digital money alone, mobile money still technically rely on cash. But the main purpose here is not to abolish the use of cash but to ease up the regular and traditional monetary transactions of each user. You can cash-in and cash-out, your bizmoto credits through DA5 branches nationwide.

2. Send and Spend with Ease.

With mobile money, people can now send money to their loved ones without certain waiting times similar to the traditional way. You can pay your bills, send and remit money real-time with no delays and shop online then go-cashless on check out. Bizmoto offers bills payment, remittance, agent-to-agent fund transfers and shop online through our ecommerce site and pay through our wallet. Bizmoto also offer logistic services through our BizmoGo services.

3. Earn Extra.

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can earn extra income through bizmoto ph whenever you do your transactions. A rare feature that most mobile money apps can’t provide. In Bizmoto, you can start your own bills payment and e-load business by applying as an Authorized Agent wherein people can pay their bills, and load up their mobile phones through you and earn extra through the system fee that is generated for every transaction you make.

Bizmoto App is available in Android and IOS. Download now and start to make extra income as a Bizmoto Agent.