About Us

Simplify life, choose convenience, everyday.

Bizmoto is the brand of the Peppermint Group providing financial services such as E-Load, E-Commerce, Delivery, Bills Payments and Remittance Services.

Launched as a direct-selling agent network across the Philippines, Bizmoto-accredited agents provide convenient and quick customer services on mobile payments, electronic loads and purchases.

Supportive of micro-business entrepreneurship opportunities, Bizmoto agents from diverse backgrounds, are empowered to immediately start and manage mobile financial services tailored to suit their individual budget and resources.

Commenting on the launch of its own direct-selling agent network, Peppermint Innovation Limited’s Managing Director and CEO Chris Kain said: “We are aiming to create the first of its kind, digitally-connected, multi-level marketing agent base that provides unique opportunities for entrepreneurial Filipinos to build their own business via our technology platform.

There are many young, technologically savvy Filipinos searching for ways to make money, while satisfying their lifestyle and living conditions in the Philippines. Bizmoto can deliver that unique business opportunity.

Mr. Kain defines the future of Bizmoto network of providing more financial services and products. “By having our own agent network, we can direct any kind of service or product across that technology platform that makes sense and makes money for all stakeholders.

“We are already investigating the ability to provide additional services that our own agent network can deliver to customers, such as basic micro-finance and product delivery.”

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