Fintech: A Millennial Perspective

The fintech (“financial technology”) market is particularly poised to meet the needs of
millennials. Those who came of age in the era of Facebook and Myspace, and later
became adults with the assistance of smartphones and apps naturally turn to similar
technologies for financial management.

Many of the Millennial generations find financial management a struggle in terms of their
lifestyle and what society demands from them. A simple, fast and reliable user
experience should be fintechs’ first take on tapping first base on the millennial market.

The age of technology has been very appealing to Millennials. Mobile technology has
grown from a simple communication device to something people need for everyday use.
User Interface design will always be the first steppingstone for fintech apps to be
palatable to Millennials. Where do many younger users turn when they have a problem
they’re embarrassed to talk to a real-life expert, or even just a friend, about? More often
than not, the internet. People head to the App Store. Bizmoto allows Millennials to make
most of their budget by giving an opportunity to grow their money at their own time and