The Rise of Mobile Investments

Last 2011, our generation tried to take a quick dip on cryptocurrency as a valuable commodity investment. with the birth of BitCoin being an open-source peer-to-peer electronic cash whereas grew to a high-starting value of $198 per Satoshi (lowest bitcoin value), gave way to the rise of digital investments globally.

However, with its slight and gradual decline by the year 2018, many had lost their hope of a digital financial evolution where people could buy goods and utilize services through e-money. But with the growing population and growing businesses, channels for vending your goods to your consumers have evolved and started to immerse into the digital world. E-Commerce sites, improving everyone’s buying and selling experience as everything is mobile already. E-Money, now being widely used to purchase goods online, pay for your mortgages and other stuff. Giving access and privileges to its users the same as what they can get in a credit card (minus the credit of course!) and a lot more.

It’s about high time for everyone to look upon the capabilities of our mobile consumables right now, as that’s where this current generation is directed to. Mobile Payments, E-Commerce, Remittances done in a single click on your mobile phone. This is what we envision in Bizmoto, a platform wherein people can utilize and maximize mobile capabilities today.  To know more about Bizmoto, visit