Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement

Last Update: September 12, 2022

This User Terms and Conditions shall govern Your use, as an authorized and activated User by Bizmoto, of Bizmoto mobile application and its Facility.

Definition of Terms

In these Terms and Conditions:

Facility” refers to electronic mobile services that Bizmoto offers through Bizmoto mobile application, where User can perform various Bizmoto services and transactions simply by using their mobile phone wherever they have cellular network coverage. The Facility is a privilege which may be availed of for as long as it is offered and made available by Bizmoto, as Bizmoto may opt to deactivate, remove functionalities or features, and provided that You continuously qualify under Bizmoto’s terms and conditions.

KYC” Know-Your-Customer, refers to the process of validating Bizmoto User’s identity information with the official or valid identification documents or other reliable, independent source documents, data or information subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA),  Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) laws, rules and regulations,  as well as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipians (BSP) and Anti Money Laundering Committee (AMLC) set of government laws, regulations, and other practices which governs this activity.

Mobile Phone” refers to the User’s cellular network phone unit with the User’s subscriber identity module (SIM) card and corresponding 10-digit mobile number assigned to the SIM card.

Bizmoto Wallet” refers to the User transaction account which stores the Bizmoto E-money of the User. This is not a deposit account and not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), and a non-interest bearing account registered, held and maintained in the Facility registered in the User’s name with assigned unique mobile number and email address.
You can have a maximum of five (5) Bizmoto Wallets using the same registered User’s complete name and address, using a different unique mobile number and email address. The Bizmoto Wallet is activated via a registration process that requires the use of a Bizmoto-enabled mobile phone. Registration is available via the Bizmoto application available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
Peppermint Bizmoto Inc. shall not be liable for any inconvenience or loss caused to the Bizmoto User because of any illegal use of the Bizmoto wallet. Additionally, Peppermint Bizmoto Inc. shall not be accountable for Bizmoto Users’ inability to utilize the Facility owing to non-compliance with application requirements.
The Bizmoto Wallet is non-transferable.

Bizmoto E-money” shall mean monetary Philippine Peso value of the User Bizmoto Wallet electronically stored in mobile device, issued against Bizmoto receipts of funds of an amount equal to the monetary value issued, accepted as a means of payment by persons or entities other than the issuer, withdrawable in cash or cash equivalent or transferable to other accounts/instruments that are withdrawable in cash.

Electronic instruments or devices” shall refer to digital or e-wallets accessible via mobile phones or other access device and other similar products.

Username and Password” refers to the Username and Password nominated by the User or given to the user during the enrollment and activation of the User’s Bizmoto Wallet. The use of Password will also be used to authorize every transaction through Facility.

User and/or Owner” refers to the customer at least 18 years old who has been validated and authorized by Bizmoto to register a Bizmoto Wallet and access the Facility.

You” and “Your” refer to the User/Owner of the Bizmoto Wallet.

We“, “Us“, “Our“, and “Bizmoto” refer to Peppermint Bizmoto Inc. as a Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI) approved by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to operate as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI-Others) and offer Type B Electronic Payment and Financial Services (EPFS) with the implementation of the Bizmoto online and mobile wallet platform as part of the Facility. Your use of the Bizmoto Wallet is a clear aknowledgement of Bizmoto as the issuer of the Bizmoto Wallet.

AMLA” refers to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, as implemented by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) of the Philippines. A full reference on the AMLA laws, rules and regulations can be found in the FAQ section of the Bizmoto Mobile Application.

CFT” refers to the Countering the Financing of Terrorism set of government laws, regulations, and other practices that are intended to restrict access to funding and financial services for those whom the government designates as terrorists. By tracking down the source of the funds that support terrorist activities, law enforcement may be able to prevent some of those activities from occurring. A full reference on the CFT laws, rules and regulations can be found in the FAQ section of the Bizmoto Mobile Application.

Proprietary Interest

Bizmoto is the sole owner of all the information and materials (including upgrades or modifications) used in, or derived from, providing You with the Facility.
You recognize the Bizmoto’s proprietary interest and agrees that:

Disclosure and Regulatory Reporting

Bizmoto shall comply with the Anti-Money Laundering, the Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)  laws, rules and regulations, as well those set forth by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and other governing bodies, such as but not limited to the Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC), to disclose Your Bizmoto Wallet account/s details and Your personal information, and comply with required regulatory reporting, such as but not limited to, AMLC. Same disclosure shall be undertaken if Bizmoto is served with a subpoena or other legal documents or process by a court or an entity that has the legal power to issue, regulate and report such transactions using the Facility.

Bizmoto data management is compliant with the laws, rules and regulations set forth by the National Privacy Commission and BSP.


Bizmoto shall employ industry standard and technical measures to secure the Facility and prevent anybody to gain access to your Bizmoto account. Bizmoto, shall not be liable for any breach of security, secrecy or confidentiality of any information transmitted through network, channels or any equivalent system that is beyond its jurisdiction to which You can freely access Your Bizmoto Wallet.

Username and Password

You shall keep Your Username and Password and other account data confidential and secure at all times.

You agree to change password at planned intervals to ensure that your account is secured at all times.

You agree that you may opt to use the suggested password of Bizmoto but we shall not be liable if you forgot your account password that may cause delay or penalty to your transactions to Bizmoto or other channels or third-party.

You agree to assume full responsibility and liability for all transactions made in Your Bizmoto Wallet through the use of Your Username and Password. It is understood that both the Username and Password are known only to You and as such, any transaction effected using Your Username and Password shall be conclusively presumed to be done by You or authorized by You.

You agree that Bizmoto, at its sole discretion, is entitled to act on the instructions received from You through Bizmoto after the correct entry of Your Username and Password. You further agree that Bizmoto shall not be liable for acting in accordance with or based on requests/instructions received through Bizmoto using Your Username and Password.

As a safety measure, You further agree and undertake to change Your Password from time to time as You deem necessary. If You believe that Your Bizmoto Wallet, Username and Password have been compromised or breached, You shall notify the Customer Service of Bizmoto with utmost priority and shall give the latter a reasonable period to de-activate Your Bizmoto Wallet. Your reported Bizmoto Wallet shall be suspended pending to Bizmoto’s approval of your new account with new Username and Password.

You must keep Your Username and Password totally confidential and secure at all times and not to reveal it to any third party.
When choosing and changing Your Password, choose a Password which must not relate to any readily accessible data such as Your name, family members name, address, telephone number, driver’s license, date of birth etc. and easily guessable combination of numbers. You agree not to let any unauthorized person have access to Your mobile phone or to leave Your mobile phone unlocked and unattended while accessing Bizmoto Services.

Access to Bizmoto

You may access Your Bizmoto Wallet through the Bizmoto mobile application using Your Username and Password. Bizmoto Services will be available only for the Bizmoto Wallet/s You enrolled and approved by Bizmoto. During the registration, deletion and fund transfer, OTP is made available to ensure security.

Enrollment to Bizmoto

You must download the Bizmoto Application from Google Play or Play Store and enroll by providing the necessary and accurate information needed for enrollment. Bizmoto, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to validate the information You provided. Once Your information has been validated, Bizmoto business center shall provide You with your username and password to access Your Bizmoto Wallet and access to Bizmoto Services.

Active/Inactive Account

Your account will remain in full force and effect as long as it is compliant with Bizmoto Terms and Conditions.


You consent that Bizmoto has the right to deactivate your Account with or without prior notice if the information and you have provided, including those required for KYC, is/are fictitious, false, or forged;

In case of reporting lost mobile device with the registered SIM mobile number, suspicious transaction or breach on Your Bizmoto Wallet, You need to report within twenty-four (24) hours via calling Bizmoto Emergency Number at +639495698104 or emailing emergency@bizmoto.com.ph of such incident providing your complete name and contact details (mobile number/s) and a narration of incident as reason for request to deactivate Your Bizmoto Wallet.  Bizmoto shall deactivate Your Bizmoto Wallet upon verification of your identity as the User/Owner of the Bizmoto Wallet concerned. You must make yourself available to receive calls to validate your request. You shall remain liable to all Your Bizmoto Wallet transactions prior to deactivation.

User/Owner of the Bizmoto Wallet that has been deactivated with balance shall need to write a letter of request to Customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph to close the deactivated Bizmoto Wallet and apply for a new Bizmoto Wallet to transfer the balance to.  A deactivated Bizmoto Wallet with zero balance shall be automatically terminated in six (6) months.

Dormant Account

Your Bizmoto Wallet shall be classified as dormant if there is no activity for one (1) year and shall be subject to dormancy fee. These fees shall be collected if the dormant Bizmoto Wallet has no activity or inactive for five (5) years. For applicable fees and charges, please refer to the Charges and Fees Table in your Bizmoto App.

Suspended Account 

Your Bizmoto Wallet shall be suspended by Bizmoto for security reasons. Bizmoto shall contact You to conduct further due diligence on recorded transactions guided by the laws, rules and regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC) on Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT). Failure to provide the necessary written statements and/or required supporting documentation within two (2) working days upon receipt of Bizmoto notice of Suspension, Your Bizmoto Wallet shall remain suspended by Bizmoto and shall be subject to decision of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas , Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC) or concerned government regulatory agency.

Your suspended Bizmoto Wallet maybe reactivated should Your statement and/or presentation of documents pass the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) or Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC) guidelines to qualify transactions cleared of suspicious transactions.

You agree that Bizmoto has the right to suspend your Account with or without prior notice if the information which you have provided, including those required for KYC, is/are fictitious, false, or forged;

Lockout Account

Account lockout keeps Your Bizmoto Wallet secure by preventing anyone or anything from guessing the username and password. When your Bizmoto Wallet is locked, you must wait the set amount of time before being able to log into your Bizmoto Wallet again. Please contact Bizmoto Customer Support for more information.

Terminated Account

Your Bizmoto Wallet with balance will be terminated or closed after we have validated received Your written notice requesting its termination, and only after due diligence and proper evaluation or validation of your Bizmoto Wallet and balances are found to be in complaint with BSP rules and regulations, court order or other governing body requiring a freeze order or dispute.

Should Your Bizmoto Wallet can no longer be lawfully maintained or if in Bizmoto’s determination the continued maintenance of Your Bizmoto Wallet is detrimental to Bizmoto’s interest, You shall acknowledge the right of Bizmoto, without prior notification, to suspend, cancel discontinue or terminate the use of Your Bizmoto Wallet/s as it is deemed appropriate with due diligence.

Bizmoto Wallet with zero balance shall be automatically terminated permanently or closed permanently after six (6) months.

You agree that terminated account cannot be reactivated, the data is stored in our database but data is no longer accessible by the You. For more information you may contact our Data Privacy Officer. What can be reactivated are Suspended and Deactivated Accounts only.

Customer Support 

Bizmoto Customer Support days are Mondays through Fridays, except holidays, from 9am – 5pm. Emergency emails can be coursed to emergency@bizmoto.com.ph. At certain times, Bizmoto Services may not be available due to Bizmoto system maintenance.

Bizmoto Mobile Phone Services

Bizmoto shall not process any reversals of Bizmoto transactions for erroneous transactions made by You using Your Bizmoto Wallet.

  1.    Balance Inquiry. 

You may request for balance of enrolled Bizmoto Wallet.

  1.    Fund Transfer. 

You may transfer funds from Your Wallet to other Bizmoto Wallet. The Facility will effect such mobile fund transfer transactions provided there are sufficient funds available in Your Bizmoto Wallet.

  1.    InstaPay and PESONet. 

Once Bizmoto informs all Bizmoto Users of its availability in the Bizmoto mobile application, You may transfer funds from your Bizmoto Wallet to other third party account registered and qualified to receive funds via InstaPay and/or PESONet guided by BSP, PPMI, BancNet and PESONet ACH regulations and restrictions on amounts per successful transaction.

  1.    Bill Payment. 

You may settle your bills using Your Bizmoto Wallet via available channels for You to choose from. There is no enrollment required for this service. If the payment is made on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, Your Bizmoto Wallet shall be debited for the payment amount on the same day and the institution advised of such payment on the next Bizmoto working day. Bizmoto shall not be liable for any omission to make all or any of the bill payments or for late payments due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Bizmoto. Such cases of omission or failed Bill Payment may be due, but not limited, to Your mis-posted payments, unposted payments and Bill Payment system initially accepted but later rejected bill payment request due to invalid account no. &/or no value or wrong required amount.
Any discrepancy between the billing amount and the paid amount shall not involve Bizmoto. Instead, the same shall be resolved between You and the biller or payee.

Bizmoto is authorized to disclose to any biller or payee, any matter pertaining to Your account as may be necessary for the operation of Bizmoto as a pass-thru bill payment facility for biller or payee concerned. For this purpose, Bizmoto is hereby held free and harmless from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, suits of whatever nature, arising out of or in connection with such disclosure.
Payment procedures/stipulations imposed by the biller or payee not inconsistent with any of these terms and conditions or any related documents or instruments shall be incorporated herein and made part of this agreement. Bizmoto shall not be held liable for any adverse actions/consequences instituted by any of Your biller or payee for payments made on overdue or past due accounts, including payments for service disconnection, termination of contract, lapse of policy, and/or the like.

The bills payment arrangement between Bizmoto and any of its affiliated biller or payee may be cancelled at any time by either party without any written prior notice to termination to You.

  1.    Buy Load. 

You may buy E-load and gaming pins from Your Bizmoto Wallet to load or top up Your own or any third-party mobile number/s and to other user-identified mobile numbers for the GLOBE, SMART, SUN and other networks. There is no enrollment of mobile numbers required for this service. The denominations available for each network are subject to their availability with the electronic load vendor.

Upon receipt of Your E-load request, Bizmoto shall debit Your Bizmoto Wallet for Your E-load purchase. You understand that all buy load transactions are subject to the availability of telecommunication network connection, electronic load vendor receipt of transaction request and load denomination availability. Bizmoto shall not be liable for any delay in the actual transfer of e-load to your intended mobile number recipient.

  1.    Wallet Limit. 

You may cash-in, transfer fund or receive funds from other Bizmoto Wallet to Your Bizmoto Wallet on aggregated load or fund limit of One Hundred Thousand Pesos Only (Php 100,000.00) per calendar month. Bizmoto system shall automatically prevent any cash in or transfers to Your Bizmoto Wallet if the One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 100,000.00) amount has been reached, and shall be released to received funds on the first day of the next calendar month.

Special Bizmoto Wallet (Bizmoto Restricted Account), may registered without any valid government issued ID, but with a validated Barangay Certificate can be maintained and is limited to a total aggregate credit, load or funds of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 100,000.00) funds for one calendar year and/or provided that the account shall not be allowed to receive/send foreign remittances. The approval of the Bizmoto Restricted Account or Special Bizmoto Wallet shall be subjected to the condition that the customer shall obtain a valid ID within twelve (12) months; otherwise the account shall be closed and the remaining balance therein shall be returned to the customer show proof of application for a valid ID. IF failure to comply with the aforementioned terms, the complete information and valid ID shall immediately be required or the account shall be closed accordingly. An extension of the Special Bizmoto Wallet to another twelve months can be provided upon presentation of a validated proof of application for a government ID.

  1.    Marketing Activities

Any Bizmoto Marketing Activities providing rebates or incentives received as Bizmoto credits in the wallet are subject for direct use of Bizmoto services.

  1.    Loyalty or Rebate Program

Bizmoto, may on its own, conduct a Loyalty or Rebate Program for use of the Facility. You shall be guided by specific Terms and Conditions of the Loyalty or Rebate Redemption Program concerned.

BIZMOTO’s loyalty promotional program provides rewards credited into Bizmoto wallet.

  1.    Redemption Program

Bizmoto general policies would allow qualified Bizmoto Wallet User to receive or redeem defined value into his/her Bizmoto Wallet upon validating User’s completion of the required successful transactions or requirements within the prescribed period of promotion of Bizmoto Loyalty or Rebate Program officially announced in the Bizmoto mobile application or publicly announced in social media channels managed by Bizmoto with specific guidelines accessible to Bizmoto Users.
Any Bizmoto User claim for rebate or redemption may be submitted to customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph stating the promo activity and providing record of successful transaction/s required to redeem load for the Bizmoto Wallet.

All valid claims of Bizmoto User for rebates or redemptions are credited to the User’s Bizmoto Wallet.

Cash out money may be redeemed using the cash out facility of Bizmoto. Bizmoto reserves the right to apply charges for the processing of your redemption. Redemption processing shall be done by the customer service and shall be handled within 24 hours during working hours on weekdays. Redemptions shall be subjected and process accordingly, but it shall not be limited to comply to Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Anti Money Laundering Council, United Nation Security Council, Anti-Terrorist Council and US Treasury requirements and other statutory rules and regulations.

Cash Loans from Peppermint Financing Incorporated is credited to your Secondary Bizmoto Wallet and shall be called eMoney.

The loaned eMoney aforementioned above shall not be redeemable and shall not be processed under the Cash out feature of Bizmoto.

The loaned eMoney aforementioned above may only be use for bills payment, e-load and other services offered by Bizmoto.

The loaned eMoney aforementioned above shall be use for your business like eLoads, bills payment and other services. The cash payment given to you by your customers shall replace the eMoney that you use as payment.

Ang pangkalahatang polisiya ni Bizmoto ay mag-papapayag sa mga kwalipikado na User ng Bizmoto Wallet para tumanggap o mag redeem ng eksaktong halaga sa kanyang Bizmoto wallet matapos na ma-balido ang pag-kumpleto sa kinakailangang matagumpay na transaksiyon o pangangailangan sa isang ni-rekomenda na panahon ng promosyon ng Bizmoto Loyalty or Rebate Program na opisyal na inaanunsyo sa Bizmoto mobile application o isinasa publiko na pag-anunsyo sa social media channels na pinapamahalaan ng Bizmoto at may panuntunan na mapuntahan ng Bizmoto Users.

Kahit sinong Bizmoto User ay maaaring humingi ng rebate o ang redempsiyon ay maaaring isumite sa customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph ilagay lang ang promo na aktibidad at magbigay ng talaan ng matagumpay na transaksiyon/s na kinakailangan sa pag-redeem ng load para sa Bizmoto Wallet.

Lahat ng balido na claims ng Bizmoto user para sa rebates or redempsiyon ay ilalagay sa User’s Bizmoto Wallet.

“Ang salapi o pera na pumasok sa iyong Bizmoto Wallet gamit ang “Cash In” na opsyon sa Bizmoto ay maaaring ma-redeem gamit ang Cash-Out na opsyon sa Bizmoto. Si Bizmoto ay may karapatan na mag pataw ng kabayaran sa pag-proseso ng iyong redemption. Ang pag-proseso ng redemption ay gagawin ng Customer Service at ito ay dadaan sa dalawamput apat (24) hanggang apatnaput walong (48) oras na proseso. Ang iyong redemption ay dadaan sa proseso na naaayon sa patakaran, regulason o panuntunan at hindi malilimitahan lang sa pag-sunod sa Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Anti Money Laundering Council, United Nation Security Council, Anti-Terrorist Council and US Treasury na may ibat-ibang pangangailangan o patakaran, kundi maging sa iba pang mga batas at regulasyon.”

Ang loan mo kay Peppermint Financing Incorporated ay isang cash credit na mapupunta sa iyong Bizmoto Secondary Electronic Wallet at tinatawag ito bilang Electronic Money.

Ang Electronic Money na nabanggit, ay hindi maaaring ilabas gamit ang Cash Out na proseso ng Bizmoto.

Ito ay maaaring magamit para sa bills payment, e-load at iba pang serbisyo gamit ang iyong Bizmoto account.

Gamitin sa negosyo na Loading, Bills payment at iba pang serbisyo ang e-money sa Bizmoto wallet, ang cash or pera na bayad sa’yo ang kapalit ng electronic money na ginamit mo.”

  1.    Change Password. 

You may change Your Password within the Bizmoto application by indicating Your Bizmoto Wallet new user-nominated Password. We remind You not to use the same Password for three consecutive changes as a precautionary measure. You may transact with Your new Password once You receive the SMS and/or email confirmation from Bizmoto.

  1.    Text Bizmoto. 

You may send an SMS message to Bizmoto Customer Service for inquiries or concerns You may have about Bizmoto or Bizmoto’s other services/products, giving Bizmoto reasonable time to respond and act to Your request.

  1.    Call Bizmoto. 

You may call Bizmoto Customer Service during operational hours from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm during work weekdays for inquires or concerns You may have about Bizmoto or Bizmoto’s other services/products.

  1.    Limitation on Liability. 

The Facility shall be offered on an “AS IS”, “AS DEPLOYED” basis without any warranties, waiver or limitations under the Philippine laws.

Authority to Bizmoto

Your transactions are permitted through the Facility only after authentication of Your Username and Password, and Your instructions made after such authentication shall be sufficient authority to Bizmoto for carrying out Bizmoto transactions performed by You through the Facility. Bizmoto shall have no obligation to verify or validate the authenticity of any transaction received from You through Bizmoto or purporting to have been sent by You via SMS other than by means of Bizmoto system verification of Your Username and Password.

Accuracy of Information

Bizmoto will use reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information accessed through the Facility but does not warrant the information will be free from error. Hence, You are solely responsible for the correctness of information supplied to Bizmoto through the use of Bizmoto or through any other means such as electronic mail or written communication. Bizmoto shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of erroneous information supplied by You through the Facility. If You suspect that there is an error in the information supplied to Bizmoto, You agree that You shall advise Bizmoto as soon as possible. Bizmoto will endeavor to correct the error wherever possible on a “best efforts-basis”.

If You notice an error in the account information supplied to You through Bizmoto or by the use of any of the Facility, You shall advise Bizmoto as soon as possible. Bizmoto will endeavor to correct the error promptly and adjust any interest or charges arising out of the error.

You agree that You shall not rely on SMS or email if You need to communicate with Bizmoto, such as report a lost or stolen mobile phone or any unauthorized transaction.

You agree that Bizmoto may respond to You by SMS or electronic mail with regard to any matter related to the services.

You agree and consent that recording of voice or video conference maybe necessary for quality assurance purposes and to get proof of identification.

Disputes And Inaccurate Transactions

The information contained in the Bizmoto Email confirmation message sent following each transaction and/or the entries in the Bizmoto Wallet Account/Transaction History statement are presumed to be true and correct unless the Bizmoto User notifies Bizmoto in writing within five (5) calendar days from date of the transaction of any discrepancy. If there is no dispute within the specified period, all transactions and entries in the Account/Transaction History statement are definitively accurate and correct. Disputed transactions will be credited back to the Bizmoto Wallet only once the claim/disagreement has been properly handled, investigated, and determined to be in the User’s favor. On the other hand, no reversals shall be permitted for transactions initiated via key-word commands or for erroneous transactions initiated by the User.

Beware and Be Alert on Scammers, Text Scam, Phishing, Fake Website

The ONLY official Bizmoto Email is customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph, only official website is  https://www.bizmoto.com.ph/ and official text messages only comes mobile number identified as Bizmoto and not from any unidentified mobile number.

Reminder on the following so You do not become a victim of scammers:

  • Do not provide Your Bizmoto Wallet account details, OTP, username or password, personal information, to senders of random emails, or emails and/or SMS, or websites pretending to be Bizmoto.
  • Bizmoto will never ask for Your Username, OTP, Password, Account Details, or personal information through email or SMS. Do not click links or attachments in these emails or SMS or website.
  • Always call Bizmoto Customer Support directly or email customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph if to check if an email, SMS or website is legitimate.
  • Bizmoto have Your details on record from the time you opened Your Bizmoto Wallet account. You will only be asked for your personal information if you initiated the call to make an inquiry or transaction, i.e. calling the Bizmoto Customer Support.
  • Immediately report incidences of fraudulent text messages, phishing, or its variations, to customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph
    You agree that You are responsible for and liable for all cost associated with and any losses attributable to Your negligence or action thereof resulting from a fraudulent activity.

General Agreements

Bizmoto may, from time to time, introduce new Bizmoto services. We will inform You of these new services. By using these services when they become available, You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions that will be made available to You concerning these services.

Bizmoto shall maintain accurate and complete of e-money instruments issued, the identity of e-money holders, and the individual and consolidated balances thereof. The system will have the capability to monitor the movement of e-money transactions and link e-money instruments issued to common e-money holders.

Bizmoto shall ensure that the distributors/e-money agents comply with all the applicable requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering laws, rules and regulations.

Bizmoto shall provide an acceptable redress mechanism to address your complaints via our call centers or partners.

Bizmoto shall provide sound and prudent management, administrative and accounting procedures and adequate internal control mechanisms during the course of its operation.

Bizmoto shall ensure properly designed Facility and thoroughly tested prior to implementation.

Bizmoto shall ensure appropriate security policies and measures intended to safeguard the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of data and operating processes are in place during the Facility operations. Bizmoto shall ensure that adequate business continuity and disaster recovery plan and effective audit functions are done at planned interval to provide security control environment on critical systems.

Bizmoto shall notify BSP in writing of any change or enhancements to the e-money facility thirty (30) days prior to implementation.

Bizmoto reserves the right to check, validate, verify and assess any transaction that is done through the Facility, especially if it is under the circumstances that is subject to AMLA and CFT laws, rules and regulations, as well as in compliance with BSP, AMLC or with other laws, rules or regulations or entity requiring such.

Bizmoto does not guarantee the continuous availability of all Bizmoto Services mentioned in this agreement. Bizmoto reserves the right to terminate or suspend any Bizmoto Service with prior notice to You.

Bizmoto shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature in connection with the implementation of mobile transactions in the following instances:

  1. Disruption, failure or delay relating to or in connection with Bizmoto services which are due to circumstances beyond the control of Bizmoto, unforeseen events, fortuitous events such as but not limited to prolonged power outages, breakdown in computers, systems glitch, software, operating systems and telecommunication facilities, typhoons, floods, public disturbances and calamities and other cases that is beyond its control.
  2. Loss or damage arising out of any fraudulent access or utilization of the Bizmoto services due unauthorized Username and Password or violation of other security measures used for Bizmoto with or without Your participation.
  3. Inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information is received due to disruption or failure of any information or communication facilities used for the Bizmoto System, or due to faults in the telecommunication network, internet or network failure, or software or hardware error beyond the control of Bizmoto.
  4. Any indirect, incidental or consequential loss, loss of profit or damage suffered by reason of the use or failure or inability to use the Bizmoto services.

You hold Bizmoto and any of its officers and representatives free and harmless, as well as indemnify them, from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, suits of whatever nature, arising out of or in connection with the implementation of this arrangement, including any and all errors inadvertently committed, any system-related errors resulting to the Facility’s failure to effect any payment transaction that You may undertake. Bizmoto will not be liable for any losses, resulting from circumstances over which Bizmoto has no direct control, including, but not limited to, the failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines or other interconnect problems, severe weather, earthquakes, floods or other unforeseen events.

Service Charges and Taxes

You agree to pay the charges that may be imposed by Bizmoto when availing of services and/or products under Bizmoto and the standard SMS and call rates, if any, that will apply in the course of Bizmoto transactions. We will deduct the charges directly from Your account balance as these are incurred. We are not responsible for the monitoring of Your mobile phone charges. It is Your responsibility to monitor these charges and to ensure that You have enough mobile credits to transact using the Facility. We will not be liable for dishonor of other debits to Your Wallet due to insufficiency credits resulting from our deduction of any charges as authorized by Your acceptance of these terms.

You are also responsible for paying any and whatever taxes due or which may be imposed arising from availment of the Facility. You authorize Bizmoto to automatically charge or debit Your account for any and all such taxes due.

We reserve the right to change the charges, fees, or other terms described in these Terms and Conditions.  There is no charge or any fee for the registration and opening of Bizmoto Wallet.  Any transactional fee is charged by third party providers and shall be stated in the transaction request and would require Your approval before the transaction is processed.

You agree to be responsible to check the website from time to time, for any updates to these User Terms and Conditions and You further agree that Your continued use of the Facility after the effectivity of any changes to the User Terms and Conditions will constitute Your consent and adherence to such changes.

As always, You may choose to decline changes by discontinuing the account or services to which these changes relate. We also reserve the option, in our business judgment, to waive, reduce or reverse charges or fees for individual situations or otherwise.

Termination of the Agreement

You may request for termination of the Bizmoto Wallet by placing a request through our Customer Service via app and upon validation, the account shall be terminated. You shall remain responsible for any Bizmoto transactions made on Your Bizmoto Wallet account/s through the service prior to the email notification confirming the cancellation of the Bizmoto Account.

The Agreement comprised in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to remain in full force and effect if and in so far as any transaction is completed but not debited to Your account/s prior to termination of the service. Also, termination of the Your Bizmoto Wallet account/s shall not prejudice Your liability in respect of things done or omitted to be done prior to termination thereof.

Bizmoto may, for security and other reasons, withdraw the Facility anytime You are given reasonable notice under the circumstances.

The closure of all Your Bizmoto Wallet account/s enrolled on the Facility will automatically terminate the service and this Agreement.

Bizmoto may suspend or terminate Your Bizmoto Wallet account/s with notice if You breach any of the terms and conditions hereof or Bizmoto learns of Your death, bankruptcy, or lack of legal capacity.


These terms and conditions and the Facility practices and charges relating thereto may be changed by Bizmoto at any time by notice thereof to the account holder. Any such changes will be effective from the date of the notice or such later date as may be specified therein. Bizmoto shall endeavor to post such changes in its website at www.Bizmoto.com.ph.

Should Bizmoto be subjected to litigation which may have relation with this Agreement, or with any of the rights, powers and remedies hereunder, all fees and expenses incurred by Bizmoto in such a litigation, including a reasonable amount for the attorney’s fees which amount is hereby agreed to be at the rate of 10% of the sum sought, shall be paid by the User/ Client.

It shall be understood that access to and use of the Facility shall be subject to applicable requirements and procedures of government telecommunications or other regulatory authorities and those prescribed by law.

The venue of all legal actions or proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be brought only in the proper courts of Quezon City to the exclusion of all other venues.

You hereby agree to be governed by these terms and conditions. You hereby acknowledge to have read and fully understand the foregoing terms and conditions.

Consumer Privacy Statement and Consent Agreement 

Bizmoto highly regards Your privacy and ensures that Your personal information is adequately protected under Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the laws of the Philippines. Bizmoto, and its parent company Peppermint Innovation Limited and its affiliates (Bizmoto Group) will not collect, use or disclose your personal information without Your consent.

As a general rule, we do not share your personal information and transactions with anyone outside of the Bizmoto Group. However, we may share your personal information with trusted third parties, e.g., our advertising, marketing and promotional agencies to help us deliver and analyze the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and promotions, research agencies to help us collate and analyze consumer feedback regarding our products and services, third party providers of services, such as data processing, to Bizmoto and Peppermint, security partners and government agencies that will help us to protect against fraud and abuse.

Your consent, agrees and bind yourself to the Privacy Policy and Consumer Privacy Statement of Bizmoto found in this site: www.bizmoto.com.ph/privacy

If we do share Your personal information and transactions with a third party, we shall use our best efforts to ensure that they keep Your information secure, take all reasonable steps to protect it from misuse and only use it in a manner consistent with Bizmoto’ Privacy Policy and Data Privacy Act.

We may transfer your personal information to servers located outside the Philippines in which you live or to affiliates or other trusted third parties based in other countries so that they may process personal information on our behalf. By providing Bizmoto with personal information, you agree to us doing so in accordance with the terms of the Bizmoto Privacy Policy and rules and regulations of Data Privacy Act.

The information you have shared with us shall be treated with extreme confidentiality and shall be used exclusively for consumer engagement, marketing activities, and research activities conducted by the Bizmoto Group, relating to the group’s products and services. By providing your personal information and signature, you consent to the use, processing, storage, transfer, retention and disclosure of your personal information as described above, and to being contacted by duly authorized Bizmoto personnel, for the aforementioned purposes.

Data Subjects Rights

You may access, update, or correct your personal data, or withdraw your consent through the following:

Send a written letter via email to the Bizmoto Data Protection Officer at dpo@bizmoto.com.ph

You acknowledge that if you withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data, or settles or closes his/her engagement with Bizmoto, You understand that Bizmoto is required by law to retain your data for Five (5) years prior to permanent deletion and secure disposition of your personal information.


Bizmoto may add, modify, edit and/or supplement the terms and conditions in this Agreement at any point in time. Any alterations and/or supplement to these terms and conditions shall be uploaded and posted on Bizmoto’s website.

You shall be not notified for the changes through the Facility’s messaging system. Continued use of the Facility shall constitute Your acceptance to the amended Terms and Conditions

Contact Center

For customer support, You may contact us on Mondays to Fridays, except Holidays, from 9am to 5pm via the Bizmoto Customer Care Hotline: +63 905 516 1707 (Globe), +63 928 398 7007 (Smart), Landline +63 (02) 7182221, or email customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph

For comments or concerns about how we handle Your personal information, then you may contact our Data Protection Officer at email dpo@Bizmoto.com.ph

Consent to the Terms and Conditions

You accept and agree to be bounded by the terms and conditions governing the Facility, including amendments, supplements, modifications, alterations, functionalities, features and to pay for applicable fees associated therein.

Date Uploaded
September 12, 2022





Our Pillars to Privacy

To provide you total satisfaction just in time for your essential demands and to give you unparalleled worry free experience, we at Bizmoto shall be committed to [1] Protecting your privacy while engaging transparently with you. [2] Manage, maintain and safeguard your personal information shall be our priority. [3] The privacy policy we set shall provide you acceptable standards of how we collect, process, store and retrieve, share, retain, destroy and forget and secure your personal information with due diligence and consideration to various regulatory and statutory requirements which include but not limited to Data Privacy Act of 2012 set by the National Privacy Commission and in partnership with institution set to adhere to the aforementioned task.

Our Privacy Policy

At Bizmoto, life is always simple! With your consent, acknowledgement and permission, we shall gather only your simple personal identifiable information along with the supplemental information and pertinent documents necessary, as a value adding activity, that will augment us to provide services to you and/or your Bizmoto business towards exponential and limitless opportunities. Effectively, efficiently and safely, we shall provide acceptable security standards to protect your data and privacy in compliance to Data Privacy Act of 2012 set by the National Privacy Commission and in partnership with third parties set to adhere to  the aforementioned task.

Proprietary Interest

You understand, acknowledge and agree that Bizmoto is the sole owner of all the information and all the resources used in, or derived from, providing You Bizmoto.

Purpose and Scope

This Privacy Policy discloses how we collect and process, store and retrieve, share, retain, destroy and forget and secure your personal data with due diligence and consideration to various regulatory and statutory requirements which include but not limited to Data Privacy Act of 2012 set by the National Privacy Commission and in partnership with third parties set to adhere to the aforementioned task.

Bizmoto Collects your personal information

Sensitive Personal information and Personal information are the same and it refers to any information whether recorded in a material form or not, from which your identity as an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify an individual.

Our company collects your Personal Information when you download Bizmoto, enroll, register, transact, complaint and avail one, some, all or any of our products or services. As required for by law or other third parties requiring such, we collect through your sources and your network with your consent. We also obtain your information from other sources for the checking, verifying, validating in compliance with Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Anti Money and Laundering Council, National Privacy Commission, United Nation Security Council and other sources for processing and disclosure that maybe required for under statutory law or regulations.

Kinds of data we Process

  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) / Personal Identifiable Information and Supporting Documents
  • Your Identity containing basic personal information like your full name, last name, place, date of birth, type and identity card number, issuing agency, address, telephone, mobile, e‐mail, marital status, if married, spouse’s name, identity card number, profession, trade, main activity, income statement, personal/bank references, source of the funds, estimated annual income, estimated net assets and estimated total annual investment. Corporate name/DBA, Type of business entity, Date of incorporation, Country of incorporation, Legal address, Telephone/fax number/email, Tax Identification Number (TIN), if applicable, Main business activity, Volume, Turnover, Identity of the natural person who performs the transactions on behalf of the legal person and documentation that proves the legal capacity of the representative, Supporting documentation: certified copy of the articles of incorporation or bylaws, copy of taxpayer registry, documentation that certifies the legal capacity of the representative, agent, Affidavit of beneficial owner and copy of his/her I.D., Personal/bank references.
  • Your transactions details from us, as the source, that is sent through your preferred network provider, towards your chosen channel of destination.
  • Your Attitude and Behavior Data are collected information about how you use Bizmoto’s products and services, the type of transactions, promos, your interests and your attitude and behavior to, during and while accessing but not limited to the promos, products and/or services while on line.

Data Processing

Processing your data, which you consent, involves manipulation which may include but not limited to gathering and collection, verification validation and checking, recording storage and retrieval, distribution, archive retention destruction and forgetting.

We process your data lawfully in compliance with Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Anti Money and Laundering Council, National Privacy Commission and other third party under various resources management tasks which includes but is not limited to secured environment, risk management, information security and data privacy.

Data Sharing and purpose

With due diligence in processing your data and when you consent your personal information with us, you agree to help us comply with various statutory, regulatory requirements and contracts obligations with various stakeholders. With your consent, you are granting us the right to share your personal information with our pre-screened and pre-qualified valued partners compliant with the aforementioned details, for extended support and quality services. We are guided and strictly follow the recommendation of the National Privacy Commission relating to protecting the Personal Information of our Clients. Listed below are the entities that have influence our privacy statement.

  • Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC ) for unlawful transactions.
  • Bureau for Internal Revenue (BIR) for tax compliance.
  • United Nation Security Council (UNSC) for terroristic acts and weapons of mass destruction.
  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) for Money Laundering and compliance to the Services we provide.
  • Partners for outsourced Quality Assurance and Quality Service.
  • Statutory and Regulatory Authorities for legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

Ensure data protection

  • Protected by Law, we shall ensure that the data we have collected from you shall be protected with the highest due diligence in compliance with Philippine Laws, rules and regulations.
  • Protected by Secured Facilities – we shall ensure that the data collected from you shall be secured by our resources which includes but not limited to trained and competent personnel, safeguarded offices and our reliable and trusted customer care associates.
  • Protected by our Systems, Standards and Infrastructure – we shall ensure that the data collected from you shall be provided with the highest security either manually, digitally using acceptable systems and infrastructure complemented with standardized operating procedures in compliance to the aforementioned requirements.
  • Protected by our Third Party Partners – we shall ensure that the data collected from you shall be provided only to third parties that complies with all the requirements set by the Philippine Government, partners, other third parties and our Internal approvers with proper authorization.

We Value your data privacy rights

  • You are the sole owner and the rightful controller of your personal data and we provide highest value and consideration to meet your expectation for your data privacy.  We are hereby disclosing what we collect from you and we shall enumerate why we need it.
  • Personal data along with details of employment and work.
  • Information pertaining to financial, business, liabilities and assets.
  • Details of Transactions from other entities
  • Scanned documents, voice recordings, videos, and/or images when you transact with us using various platforms and communication devices.
  • Other information available on your device that are not personal information by nature when you use Bizmoto’s facilities.
  • How Bizmoto make use of your data for:
  • Your Protection. We can protect you if we know you and we use your data to deter malicious intent, illegal activities and fraud from harming your investments and assets.
  • Your Information Updated. Your data is collected for processing, checking, verification, validation and be updated always on the changes to your personal information, requirements and supporting documents.
  • Your Business. We use your data so that you may simply enjoy the use of our facilities for a value adding opportunity, life style and experiences.
  • Our Business. We use your data to comply with our obligations contracted or not, accountabilities, responsibilities and legal duties with due diligence to mitigate the risk of anti-money laundering. counter-terrorism and other activities that is detrimental not only to our business but to the ecosystem that we live in compliance to law, statutory and regulatory.
  • Settlement, Claims and Disputes. Should the need arises, under legal authority, your data shall be use to settle differences and/or disputes and/or claims involving our products and services. Your data maybe involve to prosecute or defend Bizmoto, it’s employees or other third party as deemed necessary to settle the case.
  •  Bizmoto respects your rights under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 with the right to:
  • Be informed – You shall have the right to insist on the specifics as to how your personal information shall be, are being or have been processed. It shall include but is not limited to the purpose, scope, recipients, methods, controllers, and retention.
  • Dispute and Complaint – You shall have the right to request for alteration, correction, as well as the right to execute a complaint to our authorized representative as to the legitimacy, accuracy, reliability and validity of your personal information, as well as the right to execute a complaint before our Data Protection Officer and with the National Privacy Commission.
  • Access – You shall have the right to insist on your right to access your personal information whenever so required under the law with due diligence, consent and with approval of the persons of authority through a written request under a just lead time including but not limited to the contents of your personal information, how it is processed, sources of information, receivers, valid disclosures orders and it’s processors.
  • Intend – You shall have the right to suspend, withdraw or order the blocking of your Personal Information for a specific further processing with valid reasons including but not limited to exposures to commercial advertisements if you see unnecessary.
  • Be unknown – You shall have the right to request for the erasure, removal, inclusion and/or destruction of your personal information from the personal information controller’s filing system or data privacy officer upon discovery and substantial proof that the personal information are inadequate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, used for unauthorized purposes or are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were served. In this case, the personal information controller may notify third parties who have previously received such processed personal information.
  • Data Portability – You shall have the right to request, processed and carry by electronic means your personal information in a structured and commonly used format.
  • Be indemnified for damages – You shall have the right to collect and be paid for any damages sustained due to such inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of your personal information.

We retain your data for a limited time.

  • Five (5) years retention policy in pursuant to the Regulations set forth by the BSP, for transaction records from the date of transaction. If deemed necessary and required by a third party, the retention period may increase as set forth by another third party. Data shall be preserved in compliance to the regulations.
  • Ten (10) years retention policy in pursuant to the Regulation set forth by BIR for  financial data and supporting documents exhibited as taxable transactions, data shall be preserved in compliance to BIR regulation.
  • So long as deemed necessary to fulfil specific, legitimate, legal and binding purposes, or when deemed necessary in the processing of items relevant to the purposes, which shall be in accordance with the standards of the predetermined requirements by various governing institutions or by our partners and third party who in compliance with the law needs the data for legal purpose.

We Dispose your data

  • The disposal of your data shall be executed in a physically secured and/or digitally protected environment to prevent continuous processing, unauthorized access or leak to any third party, immediately after the date of expiration enumerated above or when deemed necessary in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements not mentioned above.

 We care and your security is our top priority

  • We value the safety and security of our clients and/or partners the reason why we recommend the following:
  • Protect your Login Credentials
  • Ensure the safety of your data which includes your One Time Password/Passcode, username, password and account details are inaccessible to anybody.
  • Use Strong, long, complex and unused passwords must be employed.
  • Change your password at planned intervals.
  • Secure your device, working place and environment
  • Use devices and/or facilities that are secured, safe and software updated regularly.
  • Keep out of potential intruders that may steal your device with your confidential information.
  • Work and use your device in a secured place.
  • Protect and update your personal information.
  • Our service maybe limited if your information is not adequate.
  • Complete, accurate, and reliable information is necessary.
  • Valid identification or documents maybe necessary and must be made available and safe.
  • Inform us of the changes to your personal information immediately.
  • Contact us through secure facilities
  • Never disclose your personal data or information to anybody when communicating via email or any medium. This includes your challenge questions, one time password, passwords, identification numbers, account numbers or other details. We don’t request these details using emails.
  • Think before clicking. Never click a link to verify your information.
  • Only authorized representative from our company shall communicate with you if there is a need to.

You can directly contact our Data Protection Officer through the following:

Data Protection officer: dpo@bizmoto.com.ph mobile number: +639 495 698 104

Unit 25, 2F, Aguinaldo Corporate Center, 125 B. Serrano Avenue cor. 5th Avenue, Barangay Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City 1109 Philippines

Customer Support 

+63 905 516 1707 (Globe)

+63 928 398 7007 (Smart)

+632 718 8221