FAQs  for Agents

Frequently Asked Questions

For Bizmoto Agents

What is Bizmoto?

Bizmoto is the brand registered by Peppermint Innovation Limited in Australia and by its subsidiary company Peppermint.Tech Inc. in the Philippines. Bizmoto is the brand network Peppermint is building in both Australia and in the Philippines providing financial services to include electronic payments, eloading service, and remittance .

Why should I be interested in Bizmoto?

Bizmoto provides a microbusiness opportunity for duly accredited Bizmoto agent to have his very own micro business providing customer bill payment, top up (Eload), and other services.

How do I register to be a  Bizmoto Agent?

Visit Bizmoto website www.bizmoto.com.ph, complete and send agent application to customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph, or text I want to be an agent_<complete name> and <address> to 0905 516 1707 (Globe) or 0928 398 7007, 0920 470 5513, 0920 470 5520, or 0920 473 1068 (Smart), or 632 718 8221 (landline). The Bizmoto sales representative would contact you for a briefing and requirements.

How do I access the Bizmoto mobile services?

As an accredited Bizmoto Agent, search and download the ‘Bizmoto” mobile app from Google Play (android OS), and once installed – key in your Bizmoto Log-in Credentials such as your account username and password.

How can I reset my password?

After logging in to Bizmoto mobile application with your username and password, go to “Settings” click “Change password”, type your “Current Password” and “New Password”. You will receive a prompt notification if your request is successful or not. If not, repeat the process.

How do I replenish/top up my Bizmoto account?

You can replenish your account  either via over the counter bank deposit in any Peppermint.Tech, Inc. bank accounts such as UCPB, UnionBank and Metrobank. (Email your proof of deposit with Agent name and Agent ID and send it to customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph)

You may also visit Bizmoto Head Office c/o Peppermint.Tech Inc. at Unit 25, 2F, Aguinaldo Corporate Center,  125 B. Serrano Avenue cor. 5th Avenue, Barangay Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City  1109 Philippines

Will my customer get a receipt once the bill payment is processed?

If the customer provides Bizmoto agent with his email address, system shall automatically email customer the Bizmoto transaction receipt.  But if the customer insists for a receipt, Bizmoto agents can provide customer with a transactional receipt with details of payment made.

How long does it take to process bill payment?

Bill payment made during the week and within the daily cut off (from 9am-5pm), the payment is processed within 24 hours. Note, no processing of expired or overdue accounts. Any bill payment made during the weekend or holiday shall be processed on the next working weekday.

How to report customer concern on any transaction?

Agent should report to Bizmoto Customer Support customersupport@bimoto.com.ph or call/text customer support numbers (same numbers in item 3). It is important customer refers to the correct transaction reference number found in the Bizmoto transactional email or receipt provided to the customer by the Bizmoto agent after a completed transaction or payment. Log-in to Bizmoto App and tap “Profile” and click for “Contact”, all the contact details of Bizmoto Customer Support are there.

Wrong account number and wrong amount entered and processed as confirmed by the customer

As long as the customer confirmed to proceed with the transaction, such transaction shall be considered as valid and non-refundable if such account or statement number exists/valid. The system will immediately generate an error message in the event such account number does not exist, and the transaction will not push thru.

What will I do to avoid errors in transaction?

The Bizmoto agent should double check the account number and amount repeating loudly especially to senior citizens This is the standard process of including showing to the customer for his/her consent, the details of the payment PRIOR to proceeding with the actual transaction.

I want to report a fraudulent activity

You can contact Bizmoto Customer Support Hotline: (02) 718-8221, Email: customersupport@bizmoto.com.ph

Can a customer pay overdue payment?

No. Customer best to allocate at least 3 working days before due date to process payments. Agents should properly orient their customers about overdue accounts, past due, etc.

Can a customer pay a minimum amount out of the total amount of bill?

Yes, in some billers, the exception for this is MERALCO which only process exact amount due based on statement, over or under payment will invalidate the transaction.